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Are you an entrepreneur who is looking for concrete, proven techniques to help you lead your team through big company transitions?

The key is learning to behave in an emotionally intelligent way.

Times of great change are often exciting - especially for those leading the charge - but they can also inspire a lot of fear and uncertainty in members of your team. And successfully guiding your team through those changes requires a high level of emotional intelligence.


You know this, I know this, everyone knows this.

But make no mistake: believing that you have high emotional intelligence and behaving in an emotionally intelligent way?


Those are two very different things.

The first is something that only exists in your head. The second is something that others can see.

All the emotional intelligence in the world is meaningless unless it manifests in your behavior towards your team

and your organization as a whole.

And it's a skill that every modern leader needs to learn.


Because emotionally intelligent behavior from you, the leader, results in greater productivity, employee retention, and resilience, especially during times of change and uncertainty. 

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